Environmental Sustainability


Investing in renewable electricity for a more sustainable future gives us PURPOSE BEYOND BREWING.

Image Source: AES Distributed Energy, Inc.

This World Environment Day, we announced plans to purchase the renewable electricity credits from the energy delivered to the grid generated from a new solar energy facility in Pecos County, Texas. The facility, which will be complete by 2021, is being developed by Recurrent Energy specifically for Anheuser-Busch and, once fully operational, will mean that 100% of our purchased electricity will come from renewable sources.

Anheuser-Busch ordered up to 40 Tesla & 800 Nikola zero emissions trucks to reduce our carbon footprint.

Great beer requires a healthy planet, so we set ambitious environmental sustainability goals to reach by the year 2025. With this new solar investment, we will achieve our 100% renewable purchased electricity goal four years ahead of schedule!

Learn more about how our teams at Anheuser-Busch are working hard to reduce our environmental impact where we live and work:

Once complete, the solar field will be equivalent in size to nearly 1,500 football fields: almost 800,000 panels spread across eight square kilometers. If lined up from end to end, the panels would span from New York City to Orlando.

The new facility will generate 650 GWhrs annually with a capacity of 222MW(ac) – that is enough electricity to power 55,000 American households or brew 20 billion 12 oz. servings of beer each year.

With solar power joining our well-established wind power portfolio, we are also reducing our carbon emissions by 6%.

At Anheuser-Busch, we are continuing to do our part to protect the environment, from seed to sip — improving efficiency across every aspect of our business. So long as the sun shines, we will be committed to leveraging renewable electricity sources for a more sustainable future.

Investing in renewable electricity gives us purpose beyond brewing.